Cheap Watches

Are cheap watches worth buying?

Cheap watches can mean different things to different people. Someone may think of a cheap one as a simple one – no extras, just a clock that tells the time. Someone else may think of a cheap watch in terms of budget. This could be a watch under five pounds, or ten pounds.

Another person may consider a cheap watch as one they can get for less money than the recommended retail price. So they may think designer watches with 60% discount are considered a cheap watch. So if someone asks for a cheap watch for their birthday present, you may need to clarify exactly what they mean by this.

Quality cheap watches versus cheap watches price

Cheap watches are not always poor quality. A cheap watch from a pound shop can be perfectly adequate. Just as a more expensive watch does not always mean quality is a given. It really does depend on the cost price for a retailer. Pound shops purchase huge quantities of goods from suppliers and as a result they can really drive a hard bargain on prices.

This is not a reflection on quality, more negotiation techniques! Online shops can have massive January sales and cheap watches can be found where the original price was much more. So buying cheap does not always mean buying low quality, just as spending more does not guarantee higher quality.

Cheap designer watches

There are many outlet shops offering designer watches at cheap prices. The best way is to do some research on designer watches and brand names. Research the recommended retail price and the normal selling price to work out if that cheap price is really cheap for those particular designer watches.

If the RRP is £700 and the price is £120 that sounds great. However if you can buy them across the internet for £99.99 at any time, this is not such a bargain! Do your homework and examine all the details before purchasing cheap watches.