Mens Watches

How to find the best men’s watches

We probably all know several men in our lives that constantly need new watches – men get through watches like women get through shoes. So buying mens watches is a great idea for gifts for the men in your life. Your granddad however may have slightly different needs in his mens watch to your young nephew for example. Finding out as much about the world of mens watches will help you make the correct decisions.

What are chronograph men’s watches?

Chronograph mens watches are watches with both a display clock and a stopwatch. This can make chronograph mens watches a great gift for sportsmen or anyone who may time things like a chef, delivery driver, male nurse or doctor.

What are automatic men’s watches?

Automatic mens watches are also known as self winding watches. Automatic mens watches are run by the natural motion of the wearer. This means it does not need batteries or manually winding and so can be a popular gift for anyone. This low maintenance mens watch is the most popular on the market currently. There are many different sizes and designs and colours available to suit all ages of men.

What are manual men’s watches?

These are watches that need to be wound manually. Although popular with some age groups, this type of men’s watch has been phased out over the years to allow for growth of digital and automatic watches.

Which men’s watch is the best one?

This really depends on the person wearing the watch and their needs and budget. Workmen like cheap, robust digital watches that will withstand some dirt and work. However, for evening wear they may prefer a different, more elegant watch. There is no point buying a bespoke diamond mens watch for a plasterer who wants a work watch! Tailor your choice to the person in question.